Working Together

  • A strong sense of community results in an active neighborhood, which is an essential element of keeping our city safe.
  • Taking responsibility and caring for an urban environment makes it safer. A sense of ownership makes people more likely to look out for each other. We can extend our sense of ownership beyond our front yards.
  • "Neighboring" takes place on residential streets and alleys. These streets and alleys determine where a community feels safe.
  • Alleys are often attractive play areas for children. They can be made safer by discouraging through-traffic, and by concerned neighbors keeping their eyes open for unusual behavior.
  • Programs like Macalester-Groveland Community Council's alley garden contests help create ownership of the alley.
  • Near visible areas of parks, people in buildings, on the street, and in passing cars can make parks safer by paying attention to park activity.
  • Spaces that can be viewed from the outside are safer. Observation from neighbors and police can reduce illegal activities and conflicts.
  • Children's play areas should be located where houses, pedestrians, and car traffic can observe.
  • Using your lights on porches and entrances makes the sidewalk easier to see.

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